Over a year late(r)...

Haven’t been here in a while? Clearly, neither have we… It’s been a hectic year for our entire family and that’s not about to change any time soon. In fact, our little gang is about to uproot and move back to California. (It goes without saying that the title of this blog might have to change if we continue updating it at all.)

Still, the archives of this blog contain a wealth of experience and knowledge for any new parent who is wondering what to expect between conception and about 3-years. It’s a pretty amazing journey and I’m awed every time time read back through the pages contained here.

Josiah is now 4-years old. He talks so much that it’s hard to get a word in edge-wise. He’s got a pretty bad temper sometimes, but mostly he is very sweet. He loves animals, dinosaurs, babies, food… He’s really becoming his own person. It’s pretty fun to watch him coming up with his own ideas and aspirations… There is already so much knowledge already stored up in that little head of his.

It’s going to be hard to transition away from Kansas City — we have a lot of family and friends here, not to mention all of the stuff we enjoy about the city itself. But, Josiah’s new adventure will be just as fun to observe as his growing up is. The great part is that we all get to do it together.

So, the next time we write in this blog (if we do), it will be in a much different context. In the meantime, feel free to experience the adventure we’ve had for the last four years by perusing the archives.

Until next time!