Who likes ice cream?

You tell me…

Ice Cream #1

Ice Cream #2

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Thank goodness Murray’s is open again!


Josiah is 2!

Don’t believe me? Look over there on the right… See? It’s says he is. Yeah, well, we don’t believe it either, but he sure is growing up fast, isn’t he?

This photo was taken on Sunday — Josiah’s second 2-year birthday party (more about that later). This was the family party, here in Kansas City. What fun!

Josiah is 2!

(Click for a larger picture.)

It seems like I always say that it’s been a long time since the last post. The truth is, aside from normal life stuff, this birthday stuff is exhausting! And, on top of that, Josiah had a couple of bad weeks of sleeping, but… Let me back up a little…

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