One of the latest concepts that Josiah has been learning is how to wait. Patience is even harder, but I’ve been trying to explain it as, “being happy while you wait.” (It doesn’t always work.) Josiah is getting it (a little) and seems to be happier about waiting if we can getting him to say, “Wait,” while he is waiting for something. Overall, he is a good boy, though, and chooses to accept our requests rather than throw a tantrum (which he can do pretty well when he wants to).

Of course, all bets are off when Josiah doesn’t feel well —- which he currently doesn’t because of a case of Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease… For the last couple of days, Josiah has had fevers and, just recently, has manifested some lesions on his hands and mouth. He is pretty pitiful when he doesn’t feel good, especially when he is trying to force himself to do all of the things he can do when he does feel good. Hopefully, it won’t last for long.

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Josiah loves to say, “Cheese!” when the camera is pointed at him. Here are a couple of his cheesier moments:

Cheesey #1

Cheesey #2

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And, of course, he can’t get enough kisses from Mommy…

Momma Kiss

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Josiah continues to astound us by all of the new things he’s learning. He’s gotten a lot better about either Mommy or Daddy leaving for work. He said, “Friends!” when he arrived at daycare the other day. And, when our friend John was over the other day, he picked numbers up out of his numbers puzzle and told us what they all were: “5, 9, 8, 6…” Wow!

The other day, Josiah even got some chocolate pudding after dinner.

Pudding Boy

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He loved it! (And went completely berserk afterwards, hopped-up on all of the sugar.)