Quack Attack!

Josiah dressed up as the duck again last night to chow off for Grammy (who’s in town for a couple of weeks). He’s just too cute!


(Click for a larger picture.)

I also uploaded some additional pictures at Flickr, so go there to see more.


Photo crazy!

For those of you that know me, you already know that I take a lot of photographs. Some might say that I’ve been a little relaxed as of late. But, the last few posts here should more than make up for it. Here are some more new photos from a fun day we all spent together yesterday…


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Click here for the complete set.


Even more photos!

I got to meet Julianna and Josiah at the park after work yesterday. It was a lot of fun!



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Just a nice picture that Mommy took of Daddy and Josiah:

Daddy & Josiah

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Josiah went in for his 18-month checkup the other day… It wasn’t too fun for anyone — a few shots were involved, as well as a blood draw for a test (which ended up not working — they couldn’t find a vein — so we’re going to have to take him back to do it again). But, Josiah is healthy and developing normally…

Josiah is now 32 pounds!



Josiah said “happy” today! It was very cute.

Actually, I’ve been meaning to write… In the last few days, Josiah has really started to try and mimic us whenever he can. It has been a lot of fun, because we are starting to be able to communicate with him a lot more.

In two days, Josiah will be 18-months old! So, at a year-and-a-half, he is happy and learning to talk…

Last night, we finally got him to say “please” after saying “more” (like, when he wants something). It sounds more like “mow-ease,” but we’ll take it. We got him to say it by offering something he really likes: small ice chips! It’s very funny to watch him crunch on the ice with such joy.

I’m going to miss Josiah and his mother tonight as I’ll be going out of town for one night. I’m sure he will have learned all sort of new things by the time I get back.


Catching up...

Here’s a photo of Josiah and Indy loving each other… Josiah is wearing his duck costume for Halloween again.

Ducky & Indy

(Click for a larger picture.)

Later in life, Josiah will probably think this is cruel or embarrassing, but hopefully, one day, he’ll realize just how cute it really is.

The other day, Julianna and our friend Julie took Josiah and Ava (Julie’s daughter) to a local pumkin patch. They had a lot of fun playing around and feeding animals in a petting zoo.

Ava & Goat

Chickens, Josiah & Ava

Bells, Ava & Josiah

Goats & Josiah

(Click for larger pictures.)

The adventures continue as Josiah gets older. Can you believe he’s 18-months old already?!


Me me me!

Josiah has learned a new sentence as of late. It’s, “Me me me!” He says it whenever he wants something. And, you know what? It’s pretty annoying. But, I know kids go through that phase of self-realization. I’m just hopinh it doesn’t lasty for too long.

Yesterday, Julianna gave Josiah a haircut. I think this one makes haircut #3. We had been holding off with giving him one because it just brought back too many memories of when we shaved his head prior to surgery. But, his hair was getting so bushy!

So, without further adieu, here are the pictures!



(Click for a larger picture.)


During #1

During #2

During #3

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(Click for a larger picture.)

We were surprised by two things: (1) Josiah had a lot of hair; (2) Josiah behaved really well!

And, isn’t he such a handsome boy?

A little after-haircut relaxation:

Pretty Mommy & Handsome Boy

(Click for a larger picture.)

Those haircuts can wear anyone out!