Standing up, part 2...

The other day, Josiah decided that he could stand up without using anything to help him (like furniture or the wall). He was sitting in the middle of the floor and he just stood up! After the first time, he took some time to practice. He must have stood and sat down, stood and sat down, stood and sat down… Twenty times in a row. It was very funny.

He’s also been walking a lot more. The current “official” count is ten steps without falling, but I’m pretty sure that he’s had some longer walks than that. Now, if he’s standing and sees something, he’ll try to walk to it rather than sitting down and crawling.

Josiah is getting a little more cuddly with us, which is nice too. He likes hugs and kisses (when he’s happy, of course) and sometimes he’ll play like he’s wrestling me when I’m laying on the floor.

One of his bottom molars just came in as well — and with little fuss this time. It seems like his two top molars took over a week to come in, but this one came in over the course of maybe three days. The drool was back for a couple of days, but it’s already starting to dry up.

For some reason, Josiah has been waking up earlier than usual. We can’t really figure it out. We’d like for him to sleep until 6:45a to 7:15a, but he’s been waking up around 6:00a. Weird.



Last night we all babysat for our friends, Jeff and Jenny. Their son’s name is Carson:

Carson Graves

(Click for larger picture.)

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos (my N800 doesn’t take good photos in low light). But… He is cute, isn’t he?

What surprised Julianna and I most was how tender Josiah was with Carson. He really liked looking at him and feeling his skin. Josiah even gave Carson a couple of kisses. It really gave us a little glimpse at the potential Josiah might have as an older brother. (Hey, don’t quote me on that!)

We had a lot of fun and we know how important it is that Jeff and Jenny got to spend a night out, sans child. Best of all, we got to see Josiah interact with another baby — and actually have a lot of fun too!



I just remembered that there was something else that I wanted to post here, but failed to remember… About a month ago, we stopped using the baby monitor! It has been a good change for all concerned, I think. I was wondering how long we’d use it for and the time just came. I don’t really know what spurred the decision. Anyway, it’s just another step in the growing up process!

Below is a photograph that I took at Josiah’s 1-year photo session with Todd Messenger. Todd took some great photos that day, but since he had an extra camera lying around, I snapped this one off. Todd has created a wonderful collection of photos that span Josiah’s first year of life. It’s beautifully framed and I can’t wait to hang it (I’ll post a picture of it here once it’s hung).

Josiah at 1-year

(Click for a larger picture.)

This picture was taken pretty shortly after Josiah had his surgery, which is why his hair is so short. It’s starting to get pretty bushy now!


Our little lush...

A couple of weeks ago, Josiah and I took some food over to our friends Jeff and Jenny. They had just had a baby of their own and our community was trying to help them out a little. Suprisingly, our evening took an unexpected turn…

Lush #1 Lush #2 Lush #3 Lush #4 Lush #5 Lush #6

(Click for bigger pictures.)

Ok, ok… This is a joke. The bottle is empty. But, these pictures are sadder than you might think. If you look closely, you’ll see a rash around Josiah’s mouth. This was during his recent mollar growth and the rash appeared because of all of the drool.

Anyway, what’s more fun than making fun of someone at their own expense? I’m sure Josiah will learn this lesson very quickly and I will end up feeling the brunt of his jokes on me.


That update I said I'd post...

Josiah made it through his doctor appointment yesterday just fine. Aside from some screams during the X-Rays and when he was being weighed, he did great. (Even when he was screaming and crying, he waved to the Radiology techs and even gave one of them a high-5.)

The doctors said that his X-rays looked great and that he is completely healed. So, hopefully, we won’t have to go to the hospital again any time soon!


Standing up...

So much has happened since our last update. Josiah has taken four successful steps on his own, he can now stand for very long periods of time (and sometimes prefers it to sitting), we went to Texas for a Samoff family reunion, et cetera, et cetera… I don’t even know where to begin!

How about with a new family portrait.

We are Simpsons!

(Click for a larger picture.)

Well, sort of. Julianna made these for us at the Simpsons Movie website and I put them together for use here. Pretty funny, eh?

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