When Josiah’s front (top and bottom) teeth all came in (pretty much at the same time), he barely blinked an eye. People were amazed at how well he received his new pearly whites. We were proud of our tough little guy.

This week, we’ve discovered that molars are quite an opposite story. In fact, Josiah has been taking these uninvited oral intruders much worse than his recent surgery. Currently, we’re all trying to deal with:

  • Josiah’s constant wailing (the pain does a very good job of reducing him to a pitiful state of being).
  • About five nights without good sleep.
  • Trying not to drown in the gallons of saliva that is pouring from Josiah’s mouth.

Seriously, not only does Joaish soak everything he wears with drool, but Julianna and I are pretty much drenched with the stuff ourselves. I’ve heard about the amount of slobber that teething can create, but you really don’t know what it’s like until you experience it yourself. I’m also finally getting to learn what it’s like to be the “dad with the saliva-stained shirt” at work. Fun times.

Other side-effects of the teething process include (aside from the general grumpiness and exhaustion) some cold sores on the inside and rawness on the outside of Josiah’s mouth. It just can’t be very pleasant at all and I’m glad it’s not something that Josiah is likely to remember.

We’re hoping this doesn’t last for too much longer. We feel sorry for our son and we really want to get some sleep. (Actually, last night was better than the former part of the week, so let’s hope for improvement from here on out.)


New shoes...

The walker is wearing out his old shoes very quickly. Here is a picture of the new kicks:


(Click for a larger picture — at Flickr.)

Poor guy has Daddy’s feet.


Some recent pics...

This is Josiah and his friend Ava. Ava and her mom Julie have been living in Houston for the last couple of months, so it was nice to see them!

Josiah and Ava

(Click for a larger picture.)

This is Josiah being a big boy (which is always). We’re wondering how we can stunt his development a little, though, because we just can’t keep up!

Big Boy

(Click for a larger picture.)

Josiah has been talking nonstop as well… One of his favorite things to do is hold anything he can get his hands on to his ear like a telephone and have conversations. It’s pretty funny. I’ll try to get some photos of that soon.


Any day now...

Guess what… Josiah is any day from walking. Don’t believe me?

Happy Stander

The Adventurer

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