Julianna and Josiah accompanied me up to Minneapolis last weekend. I was coming up for a conference and since our friends Rob and Erica live up here, we thought we’d make a little family trip out of it.

Leaving Kansas City wasn’t the easiest thing in the world. In fact, I don’t know if we’d ever recommend Northwest Airlines to anyone after our check-in experience… It left us rather hagard (well except for Josiah) — and we hadn’t even gotten off of the ground yet!


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Summertime is coming...

Here are a couple of recent pictures (in our front yard)...



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Josiah loves pointing at passing cars (or parked ones) and saying, “Cah!” (Car!) Being outside is one of his favorite things. And, by the look of the second picture, he can be cute just about anywhere.


Big weekend!

This past weekend was a busy one… Yunkle (Uncle John, that is) stayed with us from Saturday through Sunday evening and we did some fun things. One of those was going to Arrowhead Stadium to see the Kansas City Chiefs practice at a summer training camp.

Here are some photos of the our adventure to the stadium…

KC Cheifs #1 - 'Yunkle'

KC Cheifs #2 - Mommy & Josiah

KC Cheifs #3 - Josiah

Josiah & Daddy

John & Julianna

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Here’s another one of Josiah at the stadium:

Football Fever

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As you can see, we don’t hold back!

We also had fun going on walks, to the park, and just playing around together. For photos of all of that stuff, go here.