Swimming Lessons!

Josiah is taking swimming lessons this summer… Well, for a couple of weeks anyway. He really likes jumping in too!

Jump In! #1 Jump In! #2 Jump In! #3 Jump In! #4 Jump In! #5

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Unfortunately, we think that swimming may have gotten him a little sick (he had fevers all last weekend). But, he’s back to good health now and we’ll be taking him back on Friday!

View more photos of the water-logged fun here.



Many months ago, Josiah began developing his sense of humor. And, it wasn’t just that he thought things were funny either. He actually learned that, while playing peek-a-boo, leaving his hands in front of his face for a longer period of time than people were expecting would actually induce a larger laugh. So, it started with peek-a-boo and just continued from there… He loves being startled and startling people too. One of his favorite things to do is to sneak up on people and put his hand on them, while saying, “Ahhh!” Admittedly, it is hilarious.

So, I thought I’d post two photos here. One of funny on purpose. The other… Not so on purpose.

Bucket Head

Sleepy Head

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As you can see, Josiah has no limits with where he’ll go with his humor. And, his sleeping positions are just as funny!


Look what Josiah made at daycare yesterday!

I guess Mother’s Day starts a little early around here too!

Mother's Day Card from Josiah

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It's going around...

First Grandma, then Josiah, now Julianna… I’m the only one who hasn’t thrown up yet!


I realize I haven’t posted my “one-year reflections” yet… Maybe I will, Maybe I won’t. If you read this blog regularly, then you can imagine all of the memories I must be trying to sort through. I will try to articulate something soon.

Update: Oh, great… I was just outside and saw that Indy had gotten it too!

Update #2: Dad got it last night. It decided to wait a little longer than usual, but it finally found him. Not fun.