Two-week checkup...

I skipped work today to take Josiah in for his two-week, post-surgery checkup. Everything is looking good — and, of course, everyone fell in love with the little guy again. He goes back for a follow-up X-ray in July.

Several of the nurses had seen Josiah on TV the other day. But, they didn’t see him on NBC (which is where I posted the video from). They saw him on our local FOX station, where they do a similar birthday announcements segment. We forgot to watch this past weekend, so, unfortunately, we don’t have it on video. (I’m going to see what I can do about that, though.)

Anyway, while we were waiting for the doctor, Josiah got to play with a Mr. Potato Head for the first time (Actually, Mr., Mrs., and Baby Potato Heads — the waiting room had them all). And, he loved it!

!Josiah Potato Head

(Click for a larger picture.)

I think I know what the next toy that I buy for him will be!


More photos for those who like birthday photos...

As I’ve mentioned before, our family has a penchant for prolonging the birthday for extraordinary lengths of time. Josiah, though, really takes the cake (pun intended). We are working on eighteen days and counting, folks!

Here are some photos from last night’s birthday party (attendees included our small group and a few other friends)...

Yes, Josiah, it’s carrot cake… And, no, we can’t fool you.

Hold On a Second

(Click for a larger picture — at Flickr.)

Josiah loves presents. (And, who doesn’t?) That’s our friend Julie’s daughter, Ava, in the background. We always joke that she is Josiah’s future wife. But, we are sad to see both of them leaving Kansas City to live in Texas for a while. (Until your return sweet lady.)

Josiah loves presents!

(Click for a larger picture.)

Yes, Josiah reads his own birthday cards, thank you very much.

Yes, Josiah reads his own birthday cards, thank you very much.

(Click for a larger picture.)

There’s that new flirty face of his.

That flirty face

(Click for a larger picture.)

It is now two days past his actual birthday. We will see what the new day brings us!


Josiah on TV! (Or, Gorgeous Child!)

Josiah was featured on Brett’s Birthdays, a segment of one of our local news and culture shows, yesterday… Yes, he’s just that special.

If you’d like to watch the video (QT, 833k), click on the picture below:

Josiah on Kansas City Live

And, Brett, we’ll forgive you for not knowing quite how to pronounce Joe-Sigh-Ah’s name.


Happy Birthday, Josiah!!!

That’s right, everyone… Today is Josiah’s first birthday!

And, what do you know? Yesterday, the day before he turned one-year old…

Josiah crawls!

(Click for a larger picture.)

Josiah crawled! (It was only four steps, but we’ll take it!)

Josiah continues to amaze us… And, he even slept all the way through the night last night (except for a quick pacifier-call around 8pm). This is the first time since the first night back from the hospital, so we’re very happy about it.

In an upcoming post, I’ll try to recap some of my thoughts about our son’s first year with us. There have definitely been some ups and downs, but I don’t think we’d trade it for anything.


One day to go!!!

It is one day before Josiah’s first birthday and already he has opened a bunch of presents and has even had a party! He is something else. This post is mostly just photos, but I’ll add commentary where necessary…

First, though, I must tell you about some new things Josiah has learned in the past week:

  • How to click (or cluck) his tongue
  • How to clap
  • How to flirt with people (photo below)
  • How to say “hello” (maybe)

I think there may have been one more thing, but I’m forgetting right now.

Ok, on to the photos…

Josiah got some new clothes from Aunt Brenda. Do you think he likes them?

The first birthday continues #1

(Click for a larger picture.)

Our friend, Erica, came over for a visit (from Minneapolis). Josiah really loved her gifts too!

The first birthday continues #2

(Click for a larger picture.)

In the picture above, Erica is showing Josiah how to use the little finger puppets that she gave to him (the puppets are ten different sea creatures). She also gave him a couple of fun books!

Also, Josiah got to try out his new (and fatal) flirty-googly-eyes on Erica (they worked):

The first birthday continues #3

(Click for a larger picture.)

And, while we were hanging out with Erica, Josiah also opened a gift from our friend, Mary.

The first birthday continues #4

(Click for a larger picture.)

If you can’t tell in the picture above, Josiah has just thrown away his tupperware (with another toy inside) in favor of Mary’s hilarious gift.

Now, here are some pictures from Josiah’s first first birthday party. Our immediate family (who live in Missouri) were present…

The first birthday continues #5

The first birthday continues #6

The first birthday continues #7

The first birthday continues #8

The first birthday continues #9

The first birthday continues #10

(Click for larger pictures.)

This was Josiah’s first time tasting cake (or any major quantity of sugar for that matter). As you can see, the first taste wasn’t the best, but he quickly got the hang of it.

Wednesday night, we’re going to be having Josiah’s second first birthday party (we do know how to party) with some good friends of ours.


Our poor swollen-headed little birthday boy...

One of the effects of head surgery is that the entire head feels the effects, even if the surgery was isolated to a small area. Due to Josiah’s cranioplasty, his head has swollen so much that he barely looks like the handsome son we once knew.

Swollen birthday #1

(Click for a larger picture.)

Well… Sometimes he still does!

Swollen birthday #2

(Click for a larger picture.)

Thankfully, the swelling should only last a few more days. And, hopefully, Josiah’s recent foray into the world of being a full-time bad boy will end with it. (In reality, Josiah’s recent rebelliousness is most likely due to the fact that he can’t tell us when he’s in pain.)

The birthday gifts keep pouring in (only four days to go!). If you haven’t seen the most recent gift from Grammy and Poppy, click here.

This time the gifts are from Amie, Matt, and Acacia — our family in Eureka, California. Here’s a little series of us opening the present…

Swollen birthday #3

Swollen birthday #4

Swollen birthday #5

Swollen birthday #6

(Click for larger pictures.)

Of course, we couldn’t forget the obligatory me and Dad photo to tie all of this up.

Swollen birthday #7

(Click for a larger picture.)

We is cute ain’t we?


Table of Contents

I’ve decided to provide a “table of contents” for the posts pertaining to Josiah’s recent cranioplasty. If you’d like to read about everything we went through, please click here (start at the bottom).


This week in photos...


(Click for a larger picture — at Flickr.)

I’ve posted photos from our trip to the hospital (that’s one of them above). For the rest, go here.



We all got some last night — it’s so good to be back in your own bed!

Josiah seems to have gotten the best sleep. He slept through the night without making a sound. I just spoke with Julianna and heard that he woke up happily around 7:30a. That is great news!

The other day we were remembering that last year, on Easter day, we checked in to the hospital for Julianna to be induced. The day after, Josiah was born. This year, the day after Easter, we had to check in again (although, under much more dire circumstances). Now, we’re left to wonder what will happen next Easter. I’m hoping that it will just entail church and supper.


Short interlude (a little detail)...

Yesterday, Josiah underwent a procedure called cranioplasty. Cranioplasty is defined thusly:

Cranioplasty is a surgical repair of a defect or deformity of a skull.
Not very descriptive is it? If you’d like a bit more detail, check out the Wikipedia entry here.

Briefly, here’s what happened to Josiah:

Josiah’s fracture is what is called a ping-pong fracture (sorry, that link doesn’t give very much information). Basically, Josiah’s skull was fractured in three or four places, resulting in an indentation that resembles the shape a ping-pong ball might leave in something soft.

To fix the indentation, the neurosurgeon had to cut around the diameter of the fracture (what the doctor called a “cookie-cutter” shape that was roughly 4cm in diameter), remove the entire piece of skull, reshape the fractured pieces and secure them, and then replace the piece of skull. The securing was done with two donut-shaped washers (one on either side of the skull) that were fastened by a small screw. The most amazing thing is that none of the hardware used is permanent — all of it will dissolve within two to three months.

So, there you have it : a crash-course in cranioplasty. (Use your knowledge with care.)


We're home!

Everything’s great.

More later (and photos).


Made it through the night...

The worst part was waking up thinking it was almost morning and then looking at the clock to see that it was only midnight. We all did it too.

Then, at around 3:00a, Josiah thought it was playtime. That wasn’t so bad, though — none of us could really sleep. After playing a little, Josiah tried to sleep, but couldn’t quite get there. We turned some Nora Jones on (I forget if I’ve mentioned it here before, but Nora always helps Josiah when he’s restless). But, after putting Josiah in his crib, he proceeded to sit and dance through all but about three tracks on the CD. He finally plopped over, exhausted out of his wits.

All things considered — like a terriblely sore, stiff neck — we all did get some much needed sleep. In fact, both Josiah and Julianna are still fading in and out of sleep every few minutes.


Quiet (for now)...

It’s around 9:30p and Josiah finally fell asleep next to Mamma (who’s not asleep) on the “trundle bed” (for lack of better words to describe the hard, vinyl sofa/beds they have in these rooms — even if they don’t have any wheels to speak of).

Anyway, we found out something funny tonight… Josiah is a bed-hog!

Aside from little naps, or early on Saturday mornings, we never really sleep with Josiah on our bed — which is a queen-size. Now that Julianna is on a small bed with him, she’s finding out his “bed-hogginess” the hard way!

The important thing is that he’s sleeping, though. And, we are hoping for a good, long night of it.


Gifts all around...

Josiah finally got to eat some food (see bag of Cheerios below) and he is a lot happier — it was touch—go there, emotionally, for a couple of hours.

Our friend, Julie, came by for a visiit (with a balloon and soft, plush frog in tow). Josiah really likes his gifts!

We really appreciate the gift of our family and friends and all of your prayers too. Thank you all so much.

Josiah, Pico, Cheerios

(Click for a larger picture.)

By the way, the frog has been named, Pico.


Out of surgery...

Josiah’s surgery is over and it went great!

He’s still sleeping and we should get to see him soon.


We're all at the hospital...

There are only a few minutes to go before surgery. Your prayers are very much appreciated.

We found out that Josiah can take a toy with him. Here is Lammy getting a name band put on him…

At the hospital

(Click for a larger picture.)

If you look closely, you’ll see that Lammy also got some little blue socks!


Josiah at the ER...

Here are some photos of the aforementioned hospital visit…

Josiah at the ER #1

(Click for a larger picture.)


(Click for a larger picture — at Flickr.)

Josiah at the ER #2

(Click for a larger picture.)


Twelve days to go and...

Aside from death, there are two things a parent never hopes for their child:

  1. For their child to suffer serious injury
  2. For their child to be taken away from them
Last night, we were threatened with both.

Thankfully (although it’s not the perfect scenario), we only got stuck with one of them…

Continue Reading...


Josiah's birthday month begins!

As is tradition in our family, birthdays usually start early and end late (i.e., birthdays have been known to span the entire month that a birthday falls within). So, in true fashion, Josiah got to open his first birthday gift (from Grammy Sandy and Poppa Willie) yesterday, April 1.

The occasion was that Poppa Willie was in town for a couple of days! We were very fortunate that he had the time to take a few days out of a business trip to visit us. (Thanks, Dad!)

Here are a few photos of Josiah’s very first first birthday gift opening…

Josiah opening his first first birthday gift

Josiah and his first first birthday dollar

Josiah reading his first first birthday book

(Click for larger pictures.)

By the look of things up there on the top-right of this page, there are only fifteen days left until Josiah’s first birthday!

Thank you for the presents Grandma and Grandpa!!!