April showers...

Yeah, I know it’s still March… But, we had some spring rain the other day and I couldn’t help fast-forwarding a little.

Julianna & Josiah in the rain

(Click for a larger picture.)

And, there’s another word to add to the vocabulary list:

  • Fuzz (Josiah finds all sorts of little fuzz balls on our rug)


New words!

Josiah is learning new words every day. If you’re new hear, or surprised to hear this, please read here first.

New words!

  • Toot (in no way does Tim claim to be the teacher of this one)
  • Fish (pronounced “hish”)
  • Book (for real now)
  • All done (definitely)
  • Cat
  • Up
  • Out

More to come!


Side Sleeper...

Just recently, Josiah has decided that he can roll over and turn around while he’s in bed. This means that we find him in all sorts of funny positions these days. It seems that he likes sleeping on his side the best.

Julianna calls the below bed head, “The Seagull” (after the lead singer of the 80s band A Flock of Seagulls)...

Seagull #1

Seagull #2

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Spring photos...

The countdown to Josiah’s 1st birthday continues (the counter says “Only 29 days until Josiah’s 1st birthday!” which is kind of fun).

We recently got to go to the park a couple of times and I thought I’d share a couple more photos. Click on over to Josiah’s Flickr page here. (Fun ensues, believe me.)


Thirty-two days and counting...

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the one-month coutdown to Joaish’s first birthday! It is pretty exciting and we can’t believe how quickly this year went.

I’ll write more about our past year later, but for now, here are some photos that I took last night. As you can see, Josiah’s teeth are really coming in now — not to mention his personalty. (And, he loves his Cheerios!)

Josiah's personality

Josiah's teeth

Josiah's Cheerios

(Click for larger pictures.)

Now, check out the top of the sidebar on the right to see a countdown until Josiah’s 1st birthday!!!