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I’ve just uploaded a bunch of new photos here.

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Random fun photos...

Daddy got a new camera, so we took a few photos…

Mommy and Josiah

Josiah and Daddy

Josiah gives Mommy a drink

Josiah relaxes with Daddy

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Another tooth!

A couple of days ago, Josiah’s second tooth began to emerge. It’s exactly opposite to his first one, so he looks like he’s got a pair of vampire fangs coming in — it’s pretty funny.

His bottom gums are very swollen now, so I’m sure we’ll start seeing more new growth soon. Josiah is taking it like a champ — in fact, he barely cares.


Signs vs. language...

Josiah signs

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Early on, we began attempting to teach Josiah how to communicate by using baby sign language. It had worked well with my brother and his kids, as well as a few other parents that we knew. In fact, the reason we start early — at around six-months, even though babies usually don’t start signing until they are around eight- to nine-months — was because we had seen such success with other familes.

The first sign Josiah picked up was that for the word light (this is done by holding your hand up to the light, pinching all of your fingers together, and then opening your fingers at the light — like a blooming flower). Josiah has always loved looking at light (as long as it’s not the bright sun) and making the sign for light.

Soon after, Josiah figured out that he could use his hand to wave to people — that was a pretty fun discovery, as it introduced even more “interactive” communication into our lives.

Josiah learned those signs around seven-months… And that was it.

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Tooth photo...

First Tooth

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A tooth!!!

Ok, so we don’t have any pictures yet, but this was just too exciting not to post… Josiah’s first tooth is popping through his upper gums as I type! It is the funniest thing — and, mind you, we will be the only ones who are allowed to call him “Snaggle Tooth”!

Josiah went in for his nine-month check-up the other day… Everything is fine, except for the cold that keeps hanging on (his wheezing is pretty bad at this point, but the doctor wasn’t too concerned).

Josiah is now weighing in at 27 lbs. and is 28” long!

About that tooth? More to come…