The "D" word...

Josiah’s nine-month birthday came and went with nary a mention — it was on January 17. I apologize for that. Here’s a photo to make up for it:

Our new area rug

(Click for a larger picture.)

(Warning: those with queazy stomachs may want to stop reading now.)

In all of Josiah’s nine months, thankfully, we’ve never had to experience what we heard people call a “blow-out.” This weekend changed all of that. On Friday, we were having dinner with some friends, and Josiah decided it was time to projectile vomit his entire dinner. We had never seen him throw up like that. It was pretty terrible (for us, that is — Josiah didn’t seem to care at all). We gave him a bath (thanks, Jason & Megan!) and thought we had experienced the worse of it.

From left to right - Jason, Dave, Jill, Megan, Julianna, Josiah

(Click for a larger picture.)

Then, on Saturday, when I was getting Josiah out of bed, I noticed that his back felt wet. I thought that his diaper had probably leaked, but I soon found out it was much worse. Not only had Josiah gone diarrhea, but it had shot out of his diaper in every direction imaginable. It was on his stomach and all the way up his back to his shoulders… It wasn’t a pretty sight. (Of course, Josiah didn’t seem to care about this either!)

Saturday brought a couple of more “D” spells, as well as a couple more baths — Josiah was having the time of his life with that.

On Sunday, it didn’t stop. In fact, after a couple more times, we finally decided to call our doctor’s office. We were sure that Josiah had a viral infection and the nurse confirmed that. She also said that we shouldn’t change his diet at all, as long as he seemed to be acting normal (which he was). The crazy thing is that she told us they wouldn’t even want us to bring him into the office until he was having at least eight big diarrheas a day… Eight?!

Sunday presented us with another few big “Ds” (and a few more baths), but not eight.

This morning brought us one more big one (and a fun morning bath — at 5:30am). Josiah was thrilled to be up with us, doing one of his favorite things. Hopefully, Julianna doesn’t have to deal with too many more (it’s a tough job to do all alone).

The most important thing we are trying to do now is keep Josiah hydrated. He already looks a little skinnier.

Being sick is not fun… We feel sorry for the little guy, but his smile tells us that he’s not in too much discomfort at this point.

By the way, the first photo is of Josiah on our new area rug. Click here and here to read more about that (and see another photo).


Another first (a Band-Aid)...

Josiah loves when I play the guitar for him (we’ll have to work on getting a photo of that up here soon!). When I play, Josiah dances and likes to bang on the guitar body with anything that he has in his hands. He also likes it when I hold the guitar close enough for him to strum. In fact, he’s gotten pretty good at strumming while I finger the chords.

Sometimes, though, he grabs the strings and pulls them. It was inevitable that one day this wouldn’t be his brightest idea. That day was Saturday.

While Josiah was strumming away, he decided he’d better grab the sixth string (the high E — or, the thinnest, sharpest of the strings), and pluck it as hard as he could. After the note rang, he let out a loud, harsh yelp and then began to cry.

What was wrong? I thought. I knew what might have happened, but I didn’t see any blood.

Julianna ran into the room to see what was wrong. Upon closer examination, we found that the guitar string had stripped away a layer or two of skin from one of Josiah’s fingers. It wasn’t terrible, but we were happy that it wasn’t worse.

Josiah took it like a champ. After his initial cry — which lasted about thirty seconds, he was fine, and ready to start playing again. (We are so fortunate to have such a happy baby.)

I think Josiah was pretty proud of his first Band-Aid too…

Josiah's first Band-Aid

(Click for a larger picture.)

Update: I lied. He’s had plenty of Band-Aids before... This is just the first one prompted by his very own accident.



As promised: here, here, and here.



January 1st rings in a whole bunch of firsts!

Let’s see if I can remember them all!

Josiah’s first…

  • ...ride on a plane
  • ...visit to Arizona (lay-over)
  • ...visit to California
  • ...visit to the beach
  • ...time seeing Aunt Amie, Uncle Matt, and Cousin Acacia
  • ...time seeing friends, Bill & Rocio
  • ...time seeing Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Pierce (as well as many other Pierce relatives)
  • ...time picking out a Christmas tree
  • ...Christmas!
  • ...time seeing friend, Dennis
  • ...visit to Nevada (lay-over)
  • ...New Year’s Eve party

If I can think of any more, I’ll add them.

(Photos soon!)