Josiah's new eating habits...

Since Josiah turned six-months old, we have been trying to get him on more of a three-meals-per-day eating schedule. So far it is going pretty well. In the morning, Josiah will eat a fruit and cereal. At lunch-time, he eats a fruit and a vegetable. At dinner, he is eating a vegetable and a meat. If he gets hungry in between, we can give him some Zwieback toast or a couple of ounces of formula to tide him over until the next feeding. One thing we have noticed — aside from the fact that he is pretty quick to tell us what he does and doesn’t like — is that this new system seems to make him feel sleepier between feedings than before. We aren’t too concerned about this, but we’re definitely interested to see how long it lasts.

Anyway, here are some photos of Josiah eating his new foods (top: chicken; bottom: Zwieback)...

Finger lickin' good

Now, that's the stuff

(Click for a larger pictures.)

Currently, Josiah is still trying to get a handle on peas, but he’s liking most everything else. (Just don’t try to take that Zwieback from him unless he’s finished!)


Stage parents look out!

We recently entered a few photos of Josiah into the 2007 babyGap Casting Call.

Check them out here.

Update: No luck this time. Josiah was, by far, the cutest (objectively speaking, of course)... The producers must have missed his photos or something.


Too cute!

First, Josiah went in for his six-month check-up the other day. Here are his current stats…

Weight: 24 lbs.
Height: 28 in.
Head: 44 cm.


And, referring back to the title of this post… You’ve got to see these new photos! (The cool knit hat is another mommy-made-special.)



Yes, Josiah is six-months old today! Can you believe it?

A number of things have occurred in the last month and it’s definitely time for an update.

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Hats, friends, and more photos...

Julianna recently knit her first hat for Josiah. Josiah and I are both very impressed!

Josiah is his new (thug) hat

(Click for a larger picture.)

Julianna thinks it makes Josiah look like a thug. Josiah and I think it is awesome.

Josiah continue to amaze by sitting up all by himself and playing with his toys.

Josiah and his toys

(Click for a larger picture.)

Not to mention how cute he is in red.

Our friends Rob and Erica came down for our friends Jill’s wedding shower (that Julianna and Erica planned). It was fun to see them again. In the last post, I had mentioned that Erica came down for a visit. This time, Rob got to see Josiah for the first time in a few months. It was very fun.

Be sure and head over to Josiah’s Flickr site for even more photos.