(Over) a year!

I just realized that we’ve been keeping this Blog for over a year now. The first post (our announcement) was made on August 8, 2005.



Four-Month Stats...

Presently, Josiah is working on ten hours of sleep, so I’ve got to try to be quiet. He’s had another rough weekend.

On Friday, I took him to the doctor’s for his four-month checkup and follow-up immunization shots. Everyone there just loves Josiah, because he is so…lovable! The women front desk totally fawn over him every time we are there. The doctor and his nurse think he’s pretty great too.

Josiah was a very good patient, up until the shots. Actually, he took those pretty well too, considering. He screamed right when he got the shots, but then didn’t really complain for the rest of the day. His first immunization shots, at two-months left him pretty sore for a couple of days — which he had no problem telling us about. Also, like last time, he developed some pretty nasty little knots on his thighs where he got the shots (along with red spots).

Unlike his first experience, he’s been fighting off a fever all weekend. This is very common when babies get immunizations (in fact, the doctor was surprised to hear that he didn’t get one last time), so we’ve been trying to make him as comfortable as possible during the process (and, we’ve gone through an entire bottle of baby Tylenol). Josiah has been a trooper, but I’m sure it’s hard to go through hot and cold spells and have no idea why. Poor guy.

Oh, and the stats! Josiah now weighs 21 lbs. 7 oz., and is 26” long. His head circumference is 43 cm.

Now, big baby jokes aside, the doctor was very please with Josiah’s growth and says he should begin to taper down as soon as he becomes more active (6-8 months). Josiah has been becoming more active already, though. One of his favorite things to do is to jump around in his jumper chair. He’ll jump for half an hour at a time if we’ll let him!

Our next doctor’s visit is at six months.


The Prize Fighter...

Josiah was a trooper this weekend.

For two and a half days, we braved the bugs and heat to take part in our church’s annual pilgrimage. We had a good time, but it was a little too much for all of us — we were happy to arrive home on Sunday evening.

Josiah is something. He takes a beating and keeps on keepin’ on. We are very proud of him. No one at the pilgrimage could believe how happy of a baby he is.

Speaking of beatings, Josiah has developed the habit (as most babies do) of scratching himself up pretty good when he sleeps. Here’s a picture of his current state:

The Prize Fighter

(Click for a larger picture.)

His eyes and nose are all scratched up just like a boxer, post-fight.

But, as I said earlier: he’s a trooper.

Here are some more recent pictures of Josiah. And, here are all of the pictures from our weekend.