Six, Six, and Six...

No, not the number of the beast! And, not quite all sixes either…

Here is Josiah at almost six weeks old:

Josiah at almost six-weeks old

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He’s becoming quite a handsome little guy, isn’t he?

At this point, Josiah is sleeping just about six hours a night as well. Baths really help. The other night, we took him for a walk, gave him a bath, and fed him right before bed and he slept for almost seven hours! We have quickly found out that life is much easier when he sleeps longer at night.

Josiah is also almost drinking six ounces of formula for each feeding at this point (five and a half, to be exact). He can really put it down.

Happy six-week birthday, Josiah!


One-Month old!

Wait… It’s been an entire month? Wow.

Here’s Josiah’s best “Wha’chu talkin’ about, Willis?!”

'Wha'chu talkin' about, Willis?!

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Happy one-month birthday, Josiah!


Our first Mother's Day...

Mother’s Day was pretty low-key. It began with a gift and card from Josiah — he’s so thoughtful! Then, to church, lunch, a walk, a nap. And, then we went to our nephew Calvin’s birthday. A pretty fun and restful day.

Here’s a picture of the proud mommy (and crazy baby):

Josiah & Julianna - Mother's Day

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Three-weeks old!

Josiah at three-weeks old

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Josiah is three-weeks old today. Time is just flying by.

The latest milestone happened on Friday, when his umbilical cord stump fell off. Now, he’s got a cute little bellybutton!

Josiah's bellybutton

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One of the fun things that Josiah gets to do now is spend a few minutes a day doing “tummy time.”

Josiah doing 'tummy time'

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He’ll be crawling in no time!

And — probably to no one’s surprise — Josiah still loves sleeping (although, he sometimes still has trouble at night).


(Click for a larger picture.)

Doesn’t he and his mommy look comfortable?

Happy three weeks, Josiah!


Baby Shower #5?!

Josiah's first cake

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That’s right, folks… On Friday, my coworkers were kind enough to throw our family a post-birth baby shower. As you can see below, Josiah’s first venture into the corporate world was as exciting as ever!

Josiah in the conference room

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Of course, we’ve come to expect this response. It means he’s happy… Really.


9 pounds, 6 ounces?!

Josiah had his two-week follow-up appointment with his doctor today. Everything went very well… In fact, the doctor said that the hope is that babies will be back to their birth-weight by the two-week appointment. Josiah is now more than a full pound over his birth-weight, which was 8 pounds, 5 ounces! The doctor was very impressed.

We all went to Loose Park after the doctor’s appointment for some fresh air and relaxation. Below is a picture of Josiah eating (of course!) at his first picnic.

Josiah's first picnic

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Happy 2-week birthday, Josiah!