Some fun links to check out...

First, let me inform you all of Josiah’s Flickr page — yep, he’s ten-days old and he already has his own place on the internet. There you will see all sorts of pictures of Josiah as he grows and develops. One photoset to keep an eye on is a collection of photos of Josiah and his “family.” View the set here.

Also, we recently went to our friend Todd‘s house to have our pictures taken in his studio. You can view a collection of those photos here.


A little historical catch-up...

Josiah is ten-days old today. That’s pretty amazing.

Josiah on a walk

(Click for a larger picture.)

The picture here is actually of Josiah’s second walk (and, yes, his stoller is a Jeep — what of it?). He’s been on several outings since being born, but finding time just to get out and walk around has been tough. Thankfully, we’ve been able to go for a couple of times around the block now.

The Wednesday before Josiah was born, Tim’s mom flew in from California. It was nice to see her and we were so glad to have some help for the next couple of weeks.

The day of Josiah’s birth was a long one — sixteen hours of labor, if you hadn’t already heard. Both Tim’s and Julianna’s moms got to the hospital at around 8am on April 17th to wait it out. At about 3:30pm, they decided it would be best to go home and wait for a call. This is also the time that Julianna asked Tim to ask the moms to pray. Then, a little over an hour after the moms left, Julianna got to start pushing — which only lasted about an hour.

It is funny in retrospect — of course we would have the baby right after everyone left the hospital — but we love when we can see when prayer works.

Tim’s dad got to town the next Wednesday. He sure was a proud Grandpa when he got to see Josiah for the first time.

All of the grandparents are so proud, in fact. We’re sure that they are going to spoil Josiah!

It sure seems like it’s been longer than ten days. Tim goes back to work next Tuesday and Julianna has about six more weeks off. It will be fun to see how Josiah develops in that time.


"My Parents are going insane!"

Josiah is sleeping -- again

(Click for a larger picture.)

That’s probably what’s constantly going through Josiah’s head as Julianna and I try to make our way through each day. Sleep deprivation is kind of fun in some ways: everything is funny, everything seems much more important than it really is, etc. But, I think those same reasons may be why sleep deprivation is not fun either.

Thankfully, Josiah is still alive and healthy with all of the bumbling that his parents have been doing.

As for Josiah? Well, by the last few pictures we’ve posted, you can see that he is getting plenty of sleep.

We’re still trying to work our way through a few learning curves and some unexpected — but very minor — health scares (one being some constipation). Overall, we’re all still doing well.


One-week old!

Josiah John Samoff at one-week old

(Click for a larger picture.)

Josiah is one-week old today!

I’m pretty sure I believe the people who say that the first week is the hardest, but I don’t want to jinx anything, so…

Actually, Julianna and I watched the DVD of “The Happiest Baby On the Block“ today. Parents rave about it and the book has been recommended to us many times. Thankfully, our next door neighbor had the DVD, so we didn’t have to trudge through yet another baby book.

Anyway, as you can see from the picture, the concepts in the book/DVD may not apply for us. Julianna and I were laughing the entire way through the DVD (although, we felt very sorry for the parents who were in the video). If our baby were any calmer, I’d call the doctor and ask what was wrong!

At one week, Josiah is sleeping through the night — last night, we woke him two times for feeding and he went right back to sleep afterwards. (I’m hoping the same for tonight). Josiah seems to only want to cry when he’s hungry. At all other times, he makes pretty cute little cooing sounds, if he makes any sound at all.

One week and we are an even happier family.


Josiah peed on his face...

And all sorts of other stuff for that matter. Yes being a new parent is so fun, but I digress. (When he is old enough to see this, he will be so embarrassed!)

Things have been going well, all things considered. There are a few minor complications here and there, but we’re praying and hoping for the best. All of this baby stuff is pretty new, of course, so we’re trying to keep a positive outlook on everything. All we can do is try, right?

Here are some new pics to keep you entertained. I call them:

“Funny Faces, Funny Boy”

(Hold your mouse over each image for a title.)

'The Champion'

'The Philosopher'

'The Drunk'

'The Traveler'

(Click for a larger pictures.)

Josiah also went to church for the first time today. It is amazing that Julianna and I were at church last Sunday and Julianna was pregnant. Today, we went and she wasn’t — but, we sure had something new in tow. Click here to see the more “spiritual” side of Josiah.


Josiah John Samoff...

Born at 4:45pm, April 17, 2006. Weight: 8 lbs. 5 oz.; height: 20 1/2 in.

This is where we spent 16-some-odd hours in labor (Julianna was simply incredible!):

The table

(Click for a larger picture.)

Ten-minutes old (that’s his right eye — he’s looking down at his right arm):

10-minutes old

(Click for a larger picture.)

One-day old (happy that he’s already found his thumb):

1-day old

(Click for a larger picture.)

Two-days old (he’s a sleepy boy):

2-days old

(Click for a larger picture.)

Four-days old (a little jaundice, but doing ok!):

4-days old

(Click for a larger picture.)

More later… We’re tired!


April 15th...

Nothing yet…

We’ve been scheduled to go into the hospital on Sunday evening, though!

Please pray that everything goes smoothly — we’ll see you on the flip side (with baby in hand).



Julianna went in for an NST (nonstress test) yesterday. Everything appeared great — of course! The photo below is of Julianna during the NST...

Julianna's NST

(Click for a larger picture.)

Check out that chair! (And, that belly!)

This next photo is a print-out of the baby’s movement during the NST:

Doopa's Movement

(Click for a larger picture.)

And, here’s the latest ultrasound of the baby’s face!

Doopa's Face

(Click for a larger picture.)

Now, we’re hoping for an Easter birth… If not, then either Monday or Tuesday depending on the hospital’s schedule!


April 13th...


The doctor visit went well yesterday, but it was disappointing. Julianna wasn’t much further along from last week.

We are hopeful, though… But, it is tough.

Last night, Julianna, my mom, and I went to a potluck with our small group. That was some much needed distraction, I think. Our friends are so supportive.

Today, we’re going back to the doctor’s for some tests and another ultrasound. Everything appeared as it should yesterday, but they want to make sure.

The current plan is that if the baby doesn’t come by this weekend, we will go and check into the hospital on Monday night for a Tuesday morning induction. At least we have a goal now!


April 12th...

Today is the due date and still no baby..

We have our 40-week checkup today… I’m seriously going to try to argue for inducing, but we’ll see.

My mom arrived in Kansas City last night. It is going to be great to have have her close to us. At noon today, Julianna and my mom are going to stop by work for lunch. Should be fun! (Unless something happens before then!)

My dad arrives in a week.


That new photo up there...

I thought that since we made the baby room design public, I’d change the header picture at the top of the page to something more recent. The first one was at Julianna’s first doctor’s visit. Now we have something of the room.

Next? Who knows?!


The Amazing Julianna!

Thirty-nine and a half weeks and still no baby… Something tells us, we may be going all the way to the 12th (but, hopefully, not beyond).

We were thinking it would have been cool to have him on April 5th — the date would have been 04/05/06. It would have been even cooler to have him on the 5th at 1:02:03pm! Too bad for us.

The 5th was last Wednesday. It was the day our 39-week checkup. Everything went very well. Our nurse-midwife said that Julianna was 1cm and 50%. (I’m not going to explain all of this, so if you know, good — if not, too bad). It turns out that Julianna has the a prime, baby-making physique… Who would of thought?!

Monday is the 10th. Way back when we first found out that Julianna was pregnant, Julianna had a dream that it happened on the 10th… We’ll see.

Julianna never ceases to amaze. Her last day at work was Friday, although she was thinking she should work half days next week… I don’t think so!

Friday night, a bunch of us went bowling for our friend, Jenny Wang’s birthday. It was a lot of fun. Julianna bowled a 90, which might not be the best score, of course, but she’s ten months pregnant for goodness sake! And, she bowled two strikes, which surprised us all.


(Click for a larger picture.)

You can view more photos from our night out at the bowling alley here. Thanks to our friend, Todd, for taking them!

Saturday, Julianna and I pretty much cleaned the house from top to bottom. We have been cleaning bits and pieces over the last couple of weeks, but yesterday was the “get it all done” day. And, we did. Julianna kept up with the work better than I did.

This coming Wednesday is the 12th — our due date. Also, through a number of appointments and rescheduling, et cetera, it also turns out that it is our next doctor’s appointment. I’m hoping that, if Julianna hasn’t gone into labor by then, our nurse-midwife will just agree to induce…

More later!