New sonagram photos...

Our boy at almost 39 weeks.


(Click for a larger picture.)

In case you can’t figure it out, that’s his face — on it’s side, eyes to the right.


(Click for a larger picture.)

That hair would explain some of the indigestion!

We’re so proud!


HUGE update...

We have been so busy. So, I apologize for the lack of updates.

Julianna is now around 38 weeks pregnant. We are so close! (And, we are secretly hoping for our baby to come any day now.)

The last couple of doctor appointments have been very positive. Julianna is doing great! We go again this week to have an ultrasound. That is very exciting. (I’ll post pictures when we have them.)

Julianna has gone to two pregnancy massages now. They offer great, temporary relief for some of her aches and pains (she said she even forgets she’s pregnant for a few minutes). Unfortunately, she probably won’t have much permanent relief until after the delivery. I am really proud of Julianna — she is doing this pregnancy thing so well. I know I could never go through what she is going through.

Upon some doctors’ advice, Julianna also joined the fitness center at a local hotel so that she could use their pool (if you didn’t know you could do that, you should check out your local hotels and see what they offer). We have gone swimming a couple of times now. It is really neat. The pool is on an upper floor of the hotel, right in the middle of downtown. The two days that we went were in the lower 40s, so it was fun swimming in warm water on such a chilly day. Anyway, check out the pictures below!

City Swimming #1

City Swimming #2

City Swimming #3

(Click for a larger pictures.)

Check out that belly!

Lastly… We finished the baby room! There are too many pictures to post here, so please go here to view them.

I think that’s all for now… More to come later!


Baby Shower #4...

Last night was the fourth and final (as far as we know) baby shower! Thanks to our neighbor, Mary Patten, we had a gathering/potluck for all of the people in our neighborhood who go to our church. If you’ve never heard us talk about our neighborhood, then you don’t know about this. But, there were twenty-two of us (including the seven children) at the party. We have a great church community and a great neighborhood.

The party was also a diaper party, meaning the only gift people could bring were diapers. We have been so blessed by the gifts of our friends and family, that diapers seemed to be one of the only remaining things we needed. Now, as you can sort of see in the picture, we have enough newborn diapers to keep an army of babies dry.

Hundreds of Diapers

(Click for a larger picture.)

There are more in the closet.

Four baby showers, in our opinions, is probably enough… But, then again, if anyone else offered, we probably wouldn’t say, “no.”



Last Tuesday, Julianna and I went to the hospital to sign all of our admission forms. It was pretty quick and easy, but I gotta tell you… It was kind of weird too — just knowing that we are all ready to head to the hopital for delivery at a moment’s notice adds a whole new layer of excitement and nervousness onto this whole thing.

But, we are ready! Hopefully, the baby will come sometime before the actual due date.


Baby Shower #3...

Julianna went to the third in our Baby Shower installments on Saturday afternoon. Our friend Stacie threw this one and it was mostly for family and some friends from our old church (a couple of Julianna’s coworkers, who couldn’t make it to Baby Shower #2, also came). This was also the first (and only) female-only party in the KC Samoff baby shower saga. I’m not saying that I didn’t miss going to the party, but it did give me some much needed time to get a lot of work done on the baby room (more on that later).

Julianna had a great time. She got to see some old friends and we got a lot of really nice gifts. We don’t know how we would do this “getting prepared for the baby” thing without all of the wonderful generosity of our family and friends!

Pictured here are a couple of pieces of the yummy cake the was at the shower (thanks to Carol Fillmore for sending them home for me!).

Baby Samoff Cake

(Click for a larger picture.)


Fortune cookies don't lie!

Julianna and I ate Chinese food tonight. It was from Bo Ling’s so of course it was good.

Anyway, this was Julianna’s fortune:

Fortunate Fortune

(Click for a larger picture.)

Now, tell me you don’t believe in this stuff!