Childbirth class...

We attended a seven-hour long childbirth class this past Saturday. As with the breastfeeding class, it was pretty interesting — we had the same instructor too. But, seven hours is a pretty long class for any subject.

Below is a picture of when we were learning some relaxation techniques:

Relaxation Techniques

(Click for a larger picture.)

There were about twelve couples in the class. We were all expecting around the same time (with the exeption of one couple who is expecting ina couple of weeks). Most of the couples seemed pretty nice, but there were some who seemed a little… snotty. One couple in particular were two yuppy-types who just didn’t seem to (1) be enjoying the class, or (2) enjoying each other. In fact, as you’ll see from the picture below, the husband had a little bit of a cell phone obsession (I don’t think he put it down for more than a couple of minutes at a time for the entire class!).

Dumb Yuppie Cell Phone Guy

(Click for a larger picture.)

Not only was it annoying, but it was rather distracting during the video portions of the class. Oh, well.

Our next class — if we so choose to take it — is a newborn care class. Hopefully, it isn’t as long as this one was.


Breast feeding...

On Wednesday night, we had to miss our small group (plus potluck) to go to a breast feeding class. The class was long, but it actually turned out to be very informative. I was afraid I was going to be the only male in the class, but it turns out that almost everyone brought their husbands.

One of the funnier things in the class was a breast puppet that the instructor used to demonstrate different methods of breast feeding. She had a muppet on one hand (with the typical muppet-big-mouth) and the breast puppet on the other. She would show how the muppet could put it’s mouth around the nipple, etc.

Here’s an interesting tidbit: breast feeding can actually help your baby develop a taste for many different kinds of foods.

Why? Because of all of the things the mother eats! The instructor said that the more variation in diet that the mother has while breast feeding, the more the baby will get used to different types of tastes. She even said to throw a jalepeno in there once in a while. (Since I like spicy foods, I wonder how much spicy food my mom ate while breast feeding me.)


Baby Shower #2...

Well, it’s taken me an entire week to get this post up. But, better late than never, right?

Last Friday, Julianna’s coworkers threw us a baby shower. This was the second in what now looks like four baby showers!

Despite our host, Julie, being sick, the party was great. There was a lot of help given by two other coworkers. We had homemade lasagna, salad, bread, cake, sweets… We were stuffed!

We got a lot of gifts from everyone, including a car seat that the entire Cardiology Department chipped in on (it’s one of those cool seats that goes from being the first-ride car seat all the way up to toddler-aged).

One of the highlights of the night were the goody bags pictured below. They were white tulle bags, filled with M&Ms and Hershey Kisses (check out what they have printed on them!).

'Samoff Baby' M&Ms

(Click for a larger picture.)

Thanks to Amber for all of her hard work in making these bags, getting the cake, etc.


Baby Shower #1...

Last night, a bunch of our friends blessed us with an amazing baby shower/party. Jill was the main organizer (thanks, Jill!) and Todd was kind enough to host it at his house (thanks, Todd!). There were about thirty people in attendance.

There was tons of good food and plenty to drink. We had a blast opening gifts and playing some silly games. Our team guessed nine out of ten right in the “name that baby food” contest (the one we got wrong was lamb — but, who knows what puréed lamb tastes or smells like anyway?!).

Overall, the company was the best part. It was fun just hanging out, and talking, and having fun. We’ve got a great group of friends.



The other night Julianna dreampt that we had a girl (instead of a boy). She said the birthing process only took ten minutes and when the baby was out, her stomach was already flat. And… We named our new daughter, Fern.