A queen's treatment...

Julianna and I had a very fun experience today. We both get our haircuts at a place in Midtown called Modern Salon Tu. The owner, Ann Tu, is our stylist. Anyway, while Julianna was waiting for the coloring on her hair to be done, Ann decided that she also needed a manicure and pedicure — all for free!

So, while Julianna was being treated I got my haircut (which turned out great as usual). During my haircut, Ann began talking to me about how Julianna was having an unexpected manicure and pedicure. I replied that Julianna needed that, and anyway, she deserved it. (At the time, I just thought we were paying for it.)

Then, Ann said, “when a woman is pregnant she needs things that feel good and a pedicure feels really good. Anyway… She can’t see her toes anymore.”

It was so funny!

Through the course of our conversation after that, I figured out that Anne had decided to let Julianna have all of these things for free. It was so nice.

Julianna gets a queen's treatment

(Click for a larger picture.)

After my haircut, I went over to sit next to Julianna while she had her pedicure. She loved it. The guy who did it had an 2-month old baby boy, so we got to talk to him about that and hear what some of his experiences had been.

We ended up being at Modern Salon Tu for almost three hours this morning, but I think it was worth it.

The purple toenails

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If any of you (male or female) need a great haircut (and great treatment) please go to Modern Salon Tu. And, send everyone there our love!



Here’s a picture of Julianna at 28-weeks:

Julianna - 28-weeks

(Click for a larger picture.)

She’s as beautiful and vibrant as ever!


Technology, more gifts, and names...

It’s been over a month since the last update here. Sorry about that. We’ve been pretty busy (house-guests, new windows on the house, holidays, another house burglary, Tim’s surgery, Tim’s new job, death in the family — I could go on and on).

I originally wanted to post an update after our last doctor visit. The checkup was good and everything still looks very positive. But, I really wanted to post because we had just gone to Dave & Buster’s with some friends and did something very fun: we had a machine take our photos and come up with what our baby boy should look like. We’re pretty sure the photo was way off, but I was going to post it here anyway. Unfortunately, we lost the photo. If I find it, I’ll post it.

We’ve gotten a ton of baby gifts since the last gift update as well. Too many, in fact, that I can’t keep up with updating about every one of them. There were some more homemade gifts, some once-used gifts from friends and family who have had baby boys… Not to mention Christmas! We really made out. (But, I would still like to point you towards our current baby gift registry whil I’m talking about gifts.)

We’ve also decided on a name! And, we’ve also decided not to tell too many people before delivery. So, there. No, really, we told our immediate family, but feel like telling too many people would spoil it in some way (not to mention those who would tell us that it’s not a good name, etc.). So, you’ll just have to wait until the Little Doopa is born to know what his real name is.

That’s all for now. Julianna goes in for some more tests and checkups soon and I’m sure there will be more to report.