Over the long weekend, we registered at Target for baby stuff. If you’d like to see what we need, click here.

Julianna filling out the baby gift registry form

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We’ll update you again if when we register at other locations.


Belly fun...

Julianna took this self-portrait the other day:

Julianna's little feet

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Look at those little feet!


It's a...

We went in for our five-month checkup this afternoon… Can you believe it’s been five months already?! Everything checked out fine (more on this at the end) and we even got something extra this time…

We’re having a boy!

20051123 - sonagram #1

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The sonogram says it all (everything is quite evident as you can see), but we have been very curious about a number of theories that people have been telling us about — just to see if they yielded positive results…

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Shhh... Don't tell!

Julianna has access to a machine that takes sonograms at work, so periodically, she’ll have one of the techs snap a few shots for her.

Here’s one of the latest pictures (yesterday) of The Little Doopa:

The Little Doopa - November 3, 2005

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As you can see, the baby found its thumb. If you look closely, you’ll also be able to see its toes.


More gifts...

We were blessed by the presence of Aunt Brenda over the weekend. She was in for Jason and Gina’s wedding (which was great!).

Aunt Brenda

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Aunt Brenda brought with her a HUGE bag of gifts that contained all sorts of goodies (including a baby monitor). She even brought a “Grandma Bag” for Cathy and a couple of nice “relaxation” gifts for Julianna.

Thanks, Aunt Brenda!