Julianna and I got to hear the Little Doopa’s heartbeat for the first time yesterday. Our nurse-midwife said it was beating in the 140s — which sounds about right. We were supposed to hear it at our last checkup, but there were some minor complications that prevented us from doing so (i.e., lotion interferes with the doppler).

Listen to the heartbeat by clicking on the below “play” button (MP3 – 279k):

Play this audio post

Everything still looks great and our next appointment is set for the day before Thanksgiving.



Julianna, our friend Jill, and I went to visit our good friends Rob and Erica in St. Louis over the weekend. Rob and Erica have just returned to the states from being abroad (and around the world) for a year. It was great to see them and we had a wonderful time visiting and hanging out.

Erica wins third-prize in the (unofficial) baby-gift-giveaway contest, although I should create a new category for home-made gifts — she knit these cute little socks herself!

Erica's Socks

(Click for a larger picture.)

Thanks, Erica!


Second place!

Mary wins second place by presenting us with our second baby gift last night.

Mary's Gift

(Click for a larger picture.)

This one is a light green onsey with cute little owls all over it.

Thanks, Mary!