The Due Date!

Hospital Bed

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We went to the doctor’s office yesterday for the “big” check-up. Everything went well: the blood work was all normal and everything else checked out too. We were handed a plastic bag full of all sorts of pamphlets and booklets and magazines. Contained within were everything from books on what to expect while pregnant, drugs that are safe to take during pregnancy, registration forms for the hospital, etc. We were also told about all sorts of genetic tests we could have run during the course of the pregnancy to find out certain things about the baby, but I don’t think we will choose to have any of them done.

It is a lot of information!

The best piece of information that came out of yesterday’s visit was the baby’s due date!

And, it is…

April 12, 2006!

(Seems like a good date to us.)

Julianna is doing pretty well. Her nausea seems to be controllable as long as she eats a little something when she starts to feel it. Please keep her in prayer for all of the side-effects that come with being pregnant.


And the winnder is...

First Gift - From Jill

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Our friend Jill was the first to give us a baby gift.

It’s one thing to give friends gifts when they announce their pregnancies, but to actually receive one? Weird.

Anyway, we really appreciate it (even though it makes this thing even that much more real!).

Thanks, Jill!



I don’t know if all of this has really hit us yet. The other day, when we were driving to the doctor’s office, I was very excited — like this was all really happening. But, then things just start returning to normal, you know? In fact, the other night, I mentioned something about the baby and Julianna responded with a laugh and exclaimed, “I forgot I was pregnant!”

At this point, I think we’ve told everyone we can think of that “we’re expecting” (those were my sister’s words). We even told Indy that she’s going to be a sister.

Fun times ahead!


The first sonogram!

We went in for the first sonogram today. I know I said that our first visit would be on the 30th, but we got bumped up. We were waiting for this day as the day we would let everyone know about the pregnancy, so it being a week earlier than expected is kind of nice. Anyway, everything looks good, so I guess we’re really on our way!

This is the nurse (left) giving Julianna the sonogram (click for a larger picture):

Julianna getting the sonogram

And, this is the printout (click for a larger picture):

The sonogram

On August 30th, we will go in for the second visit, which will be the full OB workup. According to the sonogram tech, this will put us right about at 7 1/2 weeks — making the due date sometime near next April or May!


The picture in the banner...

In case you were wondering, the picture in the banner (at the top of the page) is Julianna at her first blood draw at LabOne. They called her the next day to tell her that her “findings” were correct.



Our first doctor’s visit is on September 30th. This is when they will do a sonogram and give us an estimate on the due date. We still have only told our parents and a few of Julianna’s coworkers about the pregnancy (because she shouldn’t work around radiation while pregnant).

So, until the 30th, we are just waiting. We’re both excited to tell everyone about this, but we want our first doctor’s visit out of the way too.

Until then!


And they're off!

It's Positive!