Standing up...

So much has happened since our last update. Josiah has taken four successful steps on his own, he can now stand for very long periods of time (and sometimes prefers it to sitting), we went to Texas for a Samoff family reunion, et cetera, et cetera… I don’t even know where to begin!

How about with a new family portrait.

We are Simpsons!

(Click for a larger picture.)

Well, sort of. Julianna made these for us at the Simpsons Movie website and I put them together for use here. Pretty funny, eh?

So, Josiah has developed a mean streak. We’re pretty sure it’s just a phase — as others have told us — but it’s pretty frustrating. Whenever Josiah is tired or irritable, he starts hitting and pulling hair (sometimes even his own). He’s also been throwing some pretty major tantrums. If we’re lucky maybe he’ll get his terrible twos out of the way before he even turns two!

He’s learned some new words recently too. One of his favorites is, “hot!” (We try to tell him not to touch things that are hot, but so far it has just made him like the word a lot.) There are a few other words too, but I’m forgetting them right now. It’s funny, though… Even though Josiah knows all of these words now, he is choosing not to use them very much. For a while there, he was saying them all of the time, but then he just stopped.

Josiah is still not walking on his own. As I said, he’s taken four steps (from me to his mommy), so we’re very expectant that he’ll just start walking around any day now. And, he’s getting braver and braver: he’ll let go of things he’s holding onto (like the coffee table or a chair) and try to walk to one of us or over to something that he wants. It’s pretty fun.

He’s crawling up the stair with ease now. He still needs to work on crawling down the stairs, but he is getting the hang of it. The hard part is not getting distracted and wanting to do something else halfway down the stairs.

We all got to go to Montgomery, Texas for Samoff Family Reunion 2007 last week. We had a blast, but it was way too short and we got way too tired. This was Josiah’s third time flying and he didn’t do as well as the other times he’s flown. But, I’ve seen much worse, so we’re proud of him. I get antsy when I fly, so I wouldn’t expect a 15-month old to do better!

Josiah has also been having trouble getting to sleep and sleeping through the night lately. It has been taking its toll on us, but we’ve been trying some new techniques that seem to be working. If we can just get past being tired all day and remain patient and loving, I’m sure it will be all right.

Today, I’m taking Josiah in for his follow-up X-rays and checkup — since he had his cranioplasty. I’m sure it will turn out fine, but there have been some pretty violent tantrums lately, where Josiah has hit his head on the floor. (Not very fun.)

There may be a few things missing in this update — that’s what happens when I wait too long to write. So, if I think of anything else, I’ll be sure to add it. And, I’ll update you all on how Josiah’s doctors appointment goes this afternoon.

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