Another first (a Band-Aid)...

Josiah loves when I play the guitar for him (we’ll have to work on getting a photo of that up here soon!). When I play, Josiah dances and likes to bang on the guitar body with anything that he has in his hands. He also likes it when I hold the guitar close enough for him to strum. In fact, he’s gotten pretty good at strumming while I finger the chords.

Sometimes, though, he grabs the strings and pulls them. It was inevitable that one day this wouldn’t be his brightest idea. That day was Saturday.

While Josiah was strumming away, he decided he’d better grab the sixth string (the high E — or, the thinnest, sharpest of the strings), and pluck it as hard as he could. After the note rang, he let out a loud, harsh yelp and then began to cry.

What was wrong? I thought. I knew what might have happened, but I didn’t see any blood.

Julianna ran into the room to see what was wrong. Upon closer examination, we found that the guitar string had stripped away a layer or two of skin from one of Josiah’s fingers. It wasn’t terrible, but we were happy that it wasn’t worse.

Josiah took it like a champ. After his initial cry — which lasted about thirty seconds, he was fine, and ready to start playing again. (We are so fortunate to have such a happy baby.)

I think Josiah was pretty proud of his first Band-Aid too…

Josiah's first Band-Aid

(Click for a larger picture.)

Update: I lied. He’s had plenty of Band-Aids before... This is just the first one prompted by his very own accident.

Poor baby! He needs his great aunt there to give that finger a kiss! :)
Aunt Brenda - January 08, 2007 at 6:12 pm

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